Native Doctor Reacts After Thieves Who Stole From Him Were Caught By Mob. Photo

Two suspected thieves who stole from a native doctor and thought no one had seen them, got more than they bargained for after they were caught by an angry mob.

The native doctor identified as Thandabangoma Myeza (42) was peeping through the window and watching as the thieves fled. He immediately did some incantations asking the ancestors to bust the suspects.

Within minutes the thugs were caught and mobbed by vigilant community members. The thugs were saved by cops and taken to hospital, where they’re fighting for their lives.

The happy native doctor from Spooktown in Bekkersdal, South Africa, said he was grateful to the ancestors.

He said he was able to recover all the items the thugs had stolen from his shack, as well as an exhaust pipe that had been removed from his car.

Thandabangoma said he was in bed when the thugs broke into his yard.

“I woke up and peeped through the window. I saw two men running away,” he said. “I didn’t want to chase them but went to my indumba to burn the madubula and other muthi.”

Thandabangoma said within seconds he got answers.

“Thugs shouldn’t steal from sangomas (native doctors) because they’re inviting bad luck.

“Look at these thugs. They’re in hospital now and in pain and will soon be in jail,” said Myeza.

Residents said they were tired of being harassed by thugs.

Bekkersdal police spokeswoman Sergeant Linki Lefakane told Daily Sun a case of theft and possession of stolen property was opened.

She said two suspects, aged 18 and 30, were admitted to Leratong Hospital.

But Lefakane urged communities to stop taking the law into their own hands.

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