Supporter, Member and Martyr for the Brotherhood

– S. Sullivan

Jamaal Khashoggi, an activist and op-ed writer for the Washington Post, was murdered by professionals while in a Saudi Arabian embassy in Turkey. Information on this:
Khashoggi’s body was ‘dissolved’, says Erdogan adviser

Jamal Koshoggi’s Connection to Muslim Brotherhood cited

I put all this together, because I want the truth NEVER to become “untrue” or “a smear” just because of politics. The following DOES NOT make any excuses for the murder of Jamal Kashoggi, merely confronts any revisionist history that might be taking place on his behalf or on behalf of his former associates, the Muslim Brotherhood.
The first article I found when searching was a mental gymnastics piece by someone at Brookings, basically saying “Yes, but…” to my point.
A very biased article that proves he was part of Muslim Brotherhood but doesn’t want people to bring it up.
“Yes, Jamal Khashoggi had many friends among the Muslim Brotherhood and, as his colleague David Ignatius reported days after his disappearance, had joined the movement himself as a young man…” The article continues to attempt to smear anyone pointing out his factual connection to terrorist supporters and other right wing Muslim groups as being right-wingers themselves… because…. um…. Brookings logic!So I did a google search for up till before Jamal’s murder and instantly found a recent article of his praising the Mulsim Brotherhood and lamenting their loss of supreme authority in Egypt.

“The U.S. is wrong about the Muslim Brotherhood — and the Arab world is suffering for it”
This is an Op-ed piece in support of Muslim Brotherhood, a right wing, anti-Christian, anti-women’s rights and anti-Israel organization in Egypt.

Since the coup by Al-Sisi, MB has pretended to be the underdog again, but we have to ignore their majority backed violence and hate to let them get away with that.

For some background on what he was defending:
The US and UK supported the right-wing mob, the Muslim Brotherhood to organize riots and mob rule in 2011 in Egypt to oust Hosni Mubarak. Despite their burning of Churches and raping of women, the US sided with the Muslim Brotherhood and defended them durring the “democratic” process. Mohammed Morsi, the MB’s presidential candidate was later overthrown after attempting to become a Supreme Leader* akin to the Ayatollah in Iran. Of course a right winger declaring himself a supreme leader is as illiberal as it gets, but that’s not how the left in the US were sold the situation by people like Khashoggi.

MB’s overt treatment of Women:

“CBS Reporter Recounts a ‘Merciless’ Assault”

“Caroline Sinz: French journalist sexually assaulted in Tahrir Square (VIDEO)”

“Journalists reveal harrowing sexual assaults in Egypt”

No #metoo movement for those women! They were assault by “the good guys” the Muslim brotherhood organized mob, so it was A-Okay!

MB’s treatment of Christians:

Obama’s support for MB:

“Overtures to Egypt’s Islamists Reverse Longtime U.S. Policy” this Daily Beast piece with the Kashoggi article:
“Egyptian Protests Mirror 1979 Revolution in Iran”

The “Democracy” that Kashoggi lament being overthrown:
“With parts of his capital ablaze, Mubarak said he was asking his government to resign and would soon announce a new one, pledging to address the concerns of thousand of Egyptians protesting in Cairo’s streets.” – CNN “Obama: I told Mubarak he must deliver on his promises” (

Citing Deadlock, Egypt’s Leader Seizes New Power and Plans Mubarak Retrial

Why he is a Martyr (rant against media fearmongering)

Jamaal’s murder was disgusting and a gross abuse of power, no matter who ordered the killing.  I am frustrated by reading or hearing the details but one of my biggest aggravations with this subject is that I have been talking about the bloody conflicts that the Saudis have been involved with for years and now, while US mainstream media completely IGNORED them. I’m bothered that the only reason they pay attention to this story and finally condemn some of the behavior of the Saudi royalty, is because they, personally, feel attacked.  Khashoghji wasn’t a Muslim Brotherhood member to CNN or Washington Post, he’s not even a muslim to them- he’s a Journalist, and because of that, he’s one of them and an attack on one is an attack on all! They COMPLETELY ignored any of the things he stood for or that he wanted to fix and completely made the story about themselves, fearmongering that media was all being targeted for violence and continuing the mental gymnastics to tie the situation to US President Donald Trump.  It’s embarrassing.  So, if you want to see him as a Martyr, do so for the right reason. Look to Yemen, look to human rights violations in peninsula, scrutinize leadership and ask questions, don’t just play the victim, find the victims and report about the them!  Be journalists!

Progress inspired?

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