Transformation Of A Homeless Ghanaian Man Found On The Street Of Lagos. Photos

A kindhearted Nigerian man has come to the aid of an aged Ghanaian man whom he found on the streets of Lagos.

The good Samaritan identified as Baef Barbara Abike Epperson, saw the homeless and sick man few days ago on the street and decided to reach out to him.

After interacting with him, the Ghanaian man named Mr James Kofi Manu from Obuasi Adansi area, told him his life story and revealed how he left his country to hustle in Nigeria before finding himself in the unfavourable condition.

Mr. Kofi said he came to Lagos, Nigeria again in January 2010. He said he once worked with the defunct Okada Airline in Nigeria… He said he came back because of his money the company owed him… The money was later paid to him in bit.

He revealed that his children didn’t want him to come to Nigeria again, but because of the money he wanted to collect he had to come.

The sick man was taken to the General Hospital where he met with the doctor and drugs were given to him. He was later taken to a barbing saloon and brushed up as he is set to travel back to his country to reunite with his family – with the help of other Nigerians.


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