Injustice root of Nigeria’s problem – AMORC 

CALABAR – ROSICRUCIAN Order, also known as AMORC has said they do not engage in the practice of endorsing candidates contesting elections because it is not a political organisation and within its ranks are people from different ethnic, religious and political affiliations.

A man holds a sign as protesters assemble outside the secretariat of the Nigerian Bar Association during a protest in Abuja over the suspension of Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) in Abuja on January 28, 2019. – Nigeria’s government has denied suggestions that the suspension of the country’s top judge on corruption charges was linked to next month’s election. President Muhammadu Buhari replaced Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen on January 25, 2019, sparking claims he had breached the constitution and was trying to manipulate the judiciary. (Photo AFP)
Dr Kenneth Idiodi, the Grand Administrator and Director of the board who stated this at the weekend in Calabar while delivering a keynote speech at the Eastern Regional Meeting of the organisation said endorsing one candidate over others is a sign of injustice which is against the principles of the organisation.

Idiodi said rather, AMORC preaches good leadership, justice, fairness, effective representation and participatory democracy which can better the lot of everyone in the society.

“At a time when Nigeria is seen to be a country that has virtually all religious denominations in the world, at time when many visitors see Nigeria as a highly religious oriented society and a nation with incessant calls for the Almighty intervention in its affairs, Rosicrucian have chosen to consider ‘Spirituality for Social Justice’ as a way of adding our voice for justice in the country.

He said Nigeria and most societies in the world are fraught with all kinds of problems such as poverty, hunger, ill health, crime, terrorism, discrimination, which are all caused by maladministration and injustice.

“However, in the scheme of things it so happens that there is one vice that is responsible for most if not all the other vices and that is societal injustice.

He said each time members of the organisation meet; they are reminded on these values and how to uphold it and inculcate it in others for the society to be a better place.

Speaking further he described Nigerians as unserious people adding that the bane of the country was premised on our unseriousness as a people.

His words: “If we want our country to work, we have to be serious and plan for it. Nigeria cannot be great based on wishful thinking we have to plan and work towards it like serious people do. Those who are prophesying about the future of Nigeria are just deceiving themselves .We have to work for the kind of Nigeria we want in the future now.

“We can create the kind of Nigeria we want by being serous with our planning which is a very important step in the process to succeed, we can’t create a Nigeria of our desire through predictions and prophesies.

“Whenever we become serious about moving Nigeria forward ,then Nigeria will be great again, all we need is just one dose of seriousness .The hypocrisy should be discarded ,let us get serious as a people because we have all it takes to be where we want to be,” he said.



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