World-o-meter killed Anti-Social News! The WORLDOMETER has taken over the “BODY COUNT REPORT” business and officially killed Sully and Slim Johnson and Anti-Social News!…

…No, it didn’t, just being dramatic, but why shouldn’t it? Look at this site for all the stats and number porn you could want!

Population, death, economy… of course, CORONA VIRUS!
Worldometer corona virus


While on the subject of COVID19, just throwing this out there, DON’T be stupid and give personal information to websites claiming to have corona virus screening questionnaires that AREN’T “.gov” website.  Only trust or your local state government’s website to check you for the disease- also, I personal took the CDC self-checker and it NEVER ASKED for personal information, only symptom details!  I went to clicked on COVID 19, click on the “If you’re sick” button.
CDC gov checker
Then I clicked the yellow “Self-Checker” tab in the bottom right corner.
CDC gov selfcheckerand opened a chat window where it asked me simple questions.
CDC self checker chat box

Take the self-checker now at
Center for Disease Control‘s main website:
CDC’s main Covid19 Page:



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