The Amazing Dishonesty of Mainstream Media

A Short Timeline of
The Amazing Dishonesty of the Media:

Trump unveils fairly boring guidelines to slowly reopen America and re-vitalize economy. Tells no one to stop current measures, specifically tells people to continue to social distance and wear masks (1)
Media reports, mostly through Op-ed nonsense, how reckless Trump was to totally reopen America, despite him not doing that and instead being, boring ‘on-prompter’ Trump.
Georgia Gov says screw it and reopens his state.(2)
Trump, logically, criticizes that because it totally goes against his boring plan.
The media today criticizes Trump for going back on the statements from him that THEY MADE UP.
“Trump Changes Course on Reopening the Economy After Georgia Governor Tries To Follow His Lead” – Reason (3)
“Trump reverses course, says it’s ‘too soon’ for Georgia Gov. Kemp to reopen state” – NBC News (4)
“Georgia feud spotlights Republican divide over reopening economy” – POLITICO (5)
and final example:
“Could you talk about your decision making process on the healthcare of Georgia, you yesterday said… to the Governor of Georgia that you were concerned and earlier this week you spoke and you did not convey this kind of message. Was there a change in your thinking?” (6)
– fake newswoman tried to ask a question based on this false premise and Trump shut her down, a little too politely, but thankfully he did shut her down. They’ll probably start lying about something else tomorrow but I wonder if anyone notices that, um… ALL OF THESE LIES ARE RECORDED AND PUBLISHED ONLINE! And this is why more and more people are turning away from Mainstream news.

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