Power Pass Power! Agbaje, Obi Campaign Left Stranded At Lagos Trade Fair

It took the intervention of the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, Edgal Imohinmi, to allow the campaign team of the Peoples Democratic Party Vice Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi, and the Party’s Lagos State Governorship Candidate, Jimi Agbaje, into the Trade Fair Complex in Lagos State.

The management of the sprawling business complex and the Divisional Police Officer in charge of the area prevented them from entering into the facility, forcing their convoy to wait in the scorching sun for about two hours.

Later, market leaders, who spent much of that time making frantic phone calls to get the strange order revoked, came to announce that the Commissioner of Police had given a counter-order that they should be allowed to campaign in the premises.

In contrast to the treatment they suffered at Trade Fair-ASPAMDA, the PDP flag-bearers had received a rousing reception at the Alaba International Electronics Market earlier that morning.

However, when the PDP team drove in a formidable convoy of tens of vehicles, it was stopped on the access bridge into the Trade Fair Complex.

In reference to the access road to the market, Agbaje said at Alaba: “We shall complete this road and bring your nightmare to an end. Your container will not be falling on this road again.”

Agbaje promised that the PDP, if voted into power in Lagos State, would improve conditions in the market to ensure that its over two million daily patronage would shoot up to five million.

When the CP’s order came, the convoy drove into the complex, and Obi and Agbaje immediately left their vehicles and walked through the place, shaking hands with citizens, and the hailing crowd chanted after the strolling duo.

Traders and residents, who had borne the brunt of the uncompleted and traffic-ridden Apapa-Badagry highway for the past 10 years, screamed their desire for a change in government.

Some said: “No more bad road!”

“No more container falling.”

“No lazy youths.”

At the three venues in ASPAMDA, where tents had been arranged for the visitors, traders and supporters burnt heaps of brooms.

Obi spoke to the crowd in Igbo language, encouraging traders to vote for a party whose candidates were business gurus and had the capability to turn the economy around.

He said Nigeria’s fortunes would receive a boost with the ticket of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and himself at the federal level and “Agbaje and Haleemat in the state”.

He said: “On 15th of February, vote umbrella on the ballot for President, Senate and House of Representatives.

“And do the same on March 2.”

UNBELIEVABLE!! 10,000 prostitutes storm Abuja in support of Atiku

No fewer than 10,000 members of the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes, NANP, on Tuesday stormed Abuja, the nation’s capital ahead of the February 16 presidential and National Assembly elections.

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The group vowed to mobilize its members across the country for the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar. Confirming the development to DAILY POST Tuesday evening, Secretary General of the group, Sandra Efosa, said they settled for Atiku after studying his policy documents carefully for several weeks.

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Efosa said under the current government, their ”bed-to-wealth” has suffered low patronage due to harsh economy. “Hi Bro, just entered Abuja with my President, Madam Tamar Tion and 10,000 other members ahead of the presidential election to declare our support for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar.

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“We shall be mobilizing our members across the country to work for the election of the PDP candidate. I shall let you know of our next step,” Efosa said in a message sent to our reporter on Whatsapp. When prodded further if the association would be declaring ”free sex” like they did in 2015, Efosa said, “of course, that is our tradition but I will issue a comprehensive statement on why we settled for Atiku having endorsed Bukola Saraki earlier,” she added.

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In other news, Troops of 159 Battalion, Forward Operational Base (FOB), Sector 2, Operation lafiya dole, on Monday repelled Boko Haram attempted incursion into the border town of Kanamma, Yunusari Local Government Area of Yobe state.This was made known in a statement made by the Acting Assistant Director Army Public Relations, Njoka Irabor on Tuesday. Irabor said the terrorists came in at about 5:30pm and started shooting sporadically.

He said, “The terrorists were overwhelmed by the superior firepower of the gallant troops of 159 Battalion and well coordinated air support from the Air Component of Operation Lafiya Dole. This resulted on inflicting casualty on the terrorists, while some of them retreated with gunshot wounds. “The resilient troops have embarked on hot pursuit of the fleeing surviving attackers towards the border of Niger Republic.”Unfortunately two of our gallant soldiers sustained injuries, but they are in stable condition and receiving medical attention.”

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Meanwhile, Three people were killed Monday night when Boko Haram insurgents attacked three communities in Madagali Local Government Area of Adamawa State. A security intelligence officer in the LGA who spoke in confidence Monday morning said the insurgents who stormed Shuwa, Shuari and Kishingari, also destroyed 20 shops and three cars and made away with moveable properties, including a utility van.

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Other witnesses said the insurgents got to Madagali in several vehicles and operated for hours before soldiers turned up to engage them in a gun battle and succeeded in getting them to flee. The Adamawa State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Othman Abubakar, confirmed the attack on Madagali during a telephone conversation Tuesday morning, but said information at his disposal did not indicate that anybody was killed.He confirmed that a team of security personnel dispatched to the area had brought the situation under control.

Prostitutes campaigning for Atiku presidential ambition is it right with the law?

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Injustice root of Nigeria’s problem – AMORC 

CALABAR – ROSICRUCIAN Order, also known as AMORC has said they do not engage in the practice of endorsing candidates contesting elections because it is not a political organisation and within its ranks are people from different ethnic, religious and political affiliations.

A man holds a sign as protesters assemble outside the secretariat of the Nigerian Bar Association during a protest in Abuja over the suspension of Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) in Abuja on January 28, 2019. – Nigeria’s government has denied suggestions that the suspension of the country’s top judge on corruption charges was linked to next month’s election. President Muhammadu Buhari replaced Chief Justice Walter Onnoghen on January 25, 2019, sparking claims he had breached the constitution and was trying to manipulate the judiciary. (Photo AFP)
Dr Kenneth Idiodi, the Grand Administrator and Director of the board who stated this at the weekend in Calabar while delivering a keynote speech at the Eastern Regional Meeting of the organisation said endorsing one candidate over others is a sign of injustice which is against the principles of the organisation.

Idiodi said rather, AMORC preaches good leadership, justice, fairness, effective representation and participatory democracy which can better the lot of everyone in the society.

“At a time when Nigeria is seen to be a country that has virtually all religious denominations in the world, at time when many visitors see Nigeria as a highly religious oriented society and a nation with incessant calls for the Almighty intervention in its affairs, Rosicrucian have chosen to consider ‘Spirituality for Social Justice’ as a way of adding our voice for justice in the country.

He said Nigeria and most societies in the world are fraught with all kinds of problems such as poverty, hunger, ill health, crime, terrorism, discrimination, which are all caused by maladministration and injustice.

“However, in the scheme of things it so happens that there is one vice that is responsible for most if not all the other vices and that is societal injustice.

He said each time members of the organisation meet; they are reminded on these values and how to uphold it and inculcate it in others for the society to be a better place.

Speaking further he described Nigerians as unserious people adding that the bane of the country was premised on our unseriousness as a people.

His words: “If we want our country to work, we have to be serious and plan for it. Nigeria cannot be great based on wishful thinking we have to plan and work towards it like serious people do. Those who are prophesying about the future of Nigeria are just deceiving themselves .We have to work for the kind of Nigeria we want in the future now.

“We can create the kind of Nigeria we want by being serous with our planning which is a very important step in the process to succeed, we can’t create a Nigeria of our desire through predictions and prophesies.

“Whenever we become serious about moving Nigeria forward ,then Nigeria will be great again, all we need is just one dose of seriousness .The hypocrisy should be discarded ,let us get serious as a people because we have all it takes to be where we want to be,” he said.



Notorious Criminal ‘Alhaji’ Gunned Down By Security Operatives In Delta. Photo

A suspected notorious hoodlum was gunned down by security operatives after an operation in Delta state.

According to reports, the deceased was allegedly apprehended in the course of a robbery operation by some vigilante operatives.

It was claimed that the suspected criminal popularly known as Alhaji, in a bid to escape, stabbed a vigilante member with a dagger, according to reports.

He was finally gunned down by the security operatives.



Nnamdi Kanu Is Right, Atiku’s Adamawa Was In Northern Cameroon

Nnamdi Kanu

Before I give a historical perspective on the veracity of Nnamdi Kanu’s claim that Atiku Abubakar is “originally from Cameroon”, I must say this about this disturbed personality.

Kanu is a disadvantaged character who does not take himself seriously, but who some lost Igbo sons and daughters, in terrible need of guidance, take seriously.

I do not think he regards much of the rottenness that proceeds from his vocal aperture. I believe he laughs at himself and takes a dip with the cacophony that his bizarre utterances and “commandments” effectuate.

Kanu is a “little scared figure” with the ego of a planet. He is what happens when elders fail, and the people yearn for guidance; a lodestar to show them the way. Whoever emerges to cater to their sentiments is king.

But I think Kanu knows he has thousands of young impressionable minds in his thrall; so he provides them fodder to feed their sentiments, curiosity, bias and confusion. This is how he keeps his business enterprise alive.

It is all about “influencing”. Kanu is not different from Speed Darlington, the Instagram clown, who markets products for clients by making wry comedy out of them.

The more controversial he gets, the more his influence and the more financial endorsements from “sponsors”.

When Kanu marketed the Buhari body-double conspiracy theory, he scored a big one. Many Nigerians, including professors swallowed the garbage. I read as some professors theorised about the possibility of his claim and shuddered at the “certificated ignorance”.

I was surprised that only a few people realised that Kanu was delivering a PR assignment – denuding Buhari. And he was successful at it. President Buhari had to succumb to pressure to confirm his own existence.

But now, he says Atiku is “originally from Cameroon”, and that the PDP presidential candidate became a Nigerian when his region through a referendum became part of Nigeria.

Is he right? Is there a method to his madness? Yes. Kanu may not be entirely wrong.

On 11 February 1961, a plebiscite was held in British Cameroons to determine which parts of the territory will stay in Cameroon or align with Nigeria. While northern Cameroon favoured a union with Nigeria, southern Cameroon wanted an alignment with the mother country. On 1 June, 1961, northern Cameroon became part of Nigeria, and on 1 October 1961, the southern territory dissolved into Cameroon.

And really, much of the present day Adamawa state in Nigeria is part of the old northern Cameroon. In fact, there is a region called “Adamawa” in Cameroon today. And even the kingdom of the Lamido of Adamawa stretches into Cameroon.

However, Kanu’s claim, though historically correct, is for exploitative propaganda purposes.

Kanu does not believe in Biafra, he only believes in the idea of making a living by selling an illusory kingdom.

Biafra is just merchandise for him.

Fredrick Nwabufo is media personality.

Facebook: Fredrick Nwabufo, Twitter: @FredrickNwabufo


Nine Killed In Somali Market Car Bombing

Burning of cars at the scene where a car bomb exploded in Mogadishu,/ AFP

At least nine people were killed and several wounded when a car loaded with explosives blew up near a mall in a busy market in the Somali capital on Monday, police said.

“The blast occurred close to Mogadishu mall and it has caused death and destruction. Nine civilians were confirmed dead and several others are wounded,” police officer Ahmed Moalin Ali said.

Dangote Refinery Will Not Sell Petrol At Regulated Price’

The President of Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, has said premium motor spirit (PMS) or petrol that will be refined from Dangote Refinery will not be sold at Federal Government’s regulated price.

This ends the speculation about how much the pump price petrol from the first private refinery will attract when it begins operation next year.

Dangote spoke on the sidelines of the visit of Central Bank Governor Godwin Emefiele to the refinery in Lagos.

Dangote said though the plan is not to concentrate on export entirely, he noted that petroleum products from the refinery will be sold at export rate.

He said it is the duty of the Federal Government to determine the price of fuel, adding that he doubts whether fuel subsidy will continue but if it does, the government can engage the company to find a mid-ground on how to tackle the issue of subsidy.

He said: “We are not here to concentrate on export but pricing of products depends entirely on the government. If there will be subsidy, which I doubt very much, that is the job of government not the job of Dangote to determine what the price will be. But price of our export is what we sell, which will depend on what the market is internationally, and locally if there will subsidy, the government will carry that responsibility and not us. Government has to engage us and see how they can find a mid-ground on that.”
On job creation, Dangote said the refinery and petrochemical project is transformational. Considering that Nigeria depends on importation to meet its fuel consumption needs and the attendant huge subsidy to keep pump price at regulated price of N145 per litre, he said the project will create massive jobs.

According to him, most filling stations don’t sell fuel because of lack of fuel in view of issues around importation, adding that when the refinery begins operation, it will put these filling stations and their workers back to work.

He said: “Currently, more than 26,000 people are working on the project and at the height of the project, the number of workers will soar to about 80,000 people and there will be more than 50,000 workers living internally in the company.”

Emefiele promised the apex bank’s assistance to other refineries’ licencees whose banks can vouch for their credit worthiness.

Emefiele said: “CBN’s support depends on the company’s capacity. I have not seen any other person that has received government licence to set up a refinery. In any case, you don’t come directly to CBN, you have to go through your bank and your bank has to assess your capacity to be able to take on the project.

“My suggestion is that if there are people that have interest in CBN’s support, they should go to their banks and if their banks are able to display their credit worthiness to be able access such facility, CBN is ready to support them in naira and dollar that they need to import equipment that will enable them conduct their businesses.

“I have not seen any, if I see any through their banks, I can assure they will receive this kind of support Dangote got from CBN.”
The CBN supported Dangote Refinery, which will cost $9 billion (N75 billion) and the fertiliser plant which will cost $2 billion with N50 billion. The apex bank chief also stated that the refinery and petrochemical project is funded by 60 per cent of Dangote’s equity with the remaining 40 per cent funded by debts from local and foreign banks and CBN’s support.