Clean, Efficient Chinese Genocide?

The Uyghur people of China are disappearing, are they being quietly relocated, or worse?

See what BBC found out:

Sully’s editorial take-away:

This story is more troubling than the Rohingya situation in that it effects many more people, a minority in Myanmar that capture the worlds attention by fleeing the Burmese territories due to pressure in the past years after Rohingya terror attacks.  The Uyghur situation is different in that they are a much larger population, apx 10 times as large, but a much smaller minority within China, a much more powerful country.

Basically, my point is, if you gave a shit about Myanmar, you should be livid about China. If you don’t, you are a bully who wants to pick on an easy target, third world country and China is what, too big to criticize? Anyway, this some scary stuff and the world should be alert.  US can’t sneeze without people making an international fuss, Israel can’t cough without a UN Human Rights inquiry but China can get away with ANYTHING.

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