The Facebook Whistleblower is fake

More power to censor and control, please.

Frances Haugen is not a whistleblower. She’s saying exactly what Facebook has been saying from the top down for months.

Here’s Facebook’s own page that accompanies the ad shown playing on my tv in this video’s thumbnail, if you see it here on YouTube:
Direct link to that specific video:

Amazing that they have been saying for months what the “WHISTLE-BLOWER” just told congress. Incredible coincidence, right? I mean it couldn’t be just a bunch of bullshit to distract people from the fact they are completely above the law and can silence a US president and blow off a summons from the UK House of Lords, could it?

Could it be them demanding further control over their platforms while trying to use the federal government as a cudgel to beat their competition to death? Hard to say, the one thing that’s clear is the “Whistle-blower” is just a Facebook mouthpiece and not at all counter to their stated corporate goals. Frances Haugen is not a whistleblower.

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